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    Litx is the world's first post-trade intelligence and operations platform for crypto traders and asset managers

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Investors expect you to manage money according to industry best practices. We help you make it happen.

Track your portfolio

View live portfolio composition and performance.

Automate operations

Focus on what you do well. We help automate the boring stuff.

Manage risks

With sophisticated metrics including value-at-risk, correlation analysis and many others

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Portfolio Management

Managing your fund's investments begins with understanding your portfolio. Litx provides the tools to view positioning and performance in real-time.

Keep track of your positions. Understand what's working and what isn't. Perform "what-if" analysis.

  • Portfolio summmary

    View a real-time summary of your portfolio including investment positions, cash and accruals.

  • Historical performance and net asset value

    Net asset value is not simply the sum of investment holding values. We help track accruals including management and performance fees and other accrued expenses.

  • Performance attribution

    Understand what what is working and what isn't in your strategy.

  • Daily position performance

    Watch your daily performance breakdown in real-time.


Litx provides the tools you need to maintain an accurate independent set of books and records for your fund.

While statements from brokers and custodians are important sources of information, a fund manager has an obligation to guard against mistakes by these parties, to protect the interests of investors. It is therefore vital to maintain an independent set of books and records.

Preparing independent books and records provides comfort to investors, auditors and regulators that calculations have been independently verified.

Track and reconcile data from outside sources.

  • Automatically import data from exchanges and other outside sources

    While there is little standardization in the format of information provided by brokers and exchanges about account activity or positions, we can help with a powerful and flexible engine for importing data in virually any format.

  • Reconciliation

    A challenge in maintaining ones own books and records is keeping these in sync with the records of outside parties. Litx provides tools for quickly resolving the inevitable differences that arise.

  • Fund activity

    When fine-grained analysis is required, view a detailed, filterable breakdown of all fund activity.

Risk Management

Risks of all sorts are magnified in the crypto world. Assets are far more volatile than traditional financial assets. Counterparty risk is a particularly significant concern given the track record of exchange hacks and failures. It is therefore vital to keep a close eye on risks of all sorts.

  • Risk Exposures

    View a breakdown of risk by flexible grouping, including product, counterparty, and more.

  • Value-at-Risk

    For a holistic view of market risk, value-at-risk estimates the possible losses on the portfolio as a whole using historical data.

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